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Contact Info

Tel:+86 0536 8863831

Fax:+86 0536 8892563


Vivid Backlit Textile BTEX7010

● Weight: 190±5g/sqm

● Thickness:8.7±1 mil

● Width:65'',80'',102.4'',126''

● Roll length:50m/100m

● Packing: Standard cartons 

● Compatible ink:UV,latex,eco-solvent ,solvent

More details

Product Description:

● Matte coated a natural white polyester textile with prime coating,excellent waterproof

property,vivid colour 

● Textile intense,fire retardant

● Environment friendly,PVC free

● Strong,wrap free 6.7mil polyester pearl backlit textile that won’t wrap under the heat of lights

● Special fusion coating set your works apart from the rest,fantastic light transmission

● Coating offers maximum colour density

● Compatible with all UV,latex,eco-solvent and solvent ink printers.But UV is priority recommended.

● No pinhole while lighting


● Weight: 190±5g/sqm

● Thickness:8.7±0.5 mil

● Width:65'',80'',102.4'',126

● Roll length:50m/100m

● Packing: Standard cartons 
● Compatible ink:Eco-solvent,Solvent,Latex,UV


● Ideal for indoor or outdoor light box display 
● High-contrast backlit or frontlit images 

● Trade show graphics

● Backlit/billboard displays

● Event and directional signage

● Retail promotions/POP signage

● Menu boards/vending machines

● Hallway graphics/airport and elevators

● Advertisements on large light box in airport,subway,stores,department stores,specialty stores etc,which covers cosmetics,jewelry,mobile phone,watches,clothing,cars,on the picture color,saturation,transmission of light,clarity,weathering