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Tel:+86 0536 8863831

Fax:+86 0536 8892563


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When placing an order, you can expect us to provide you with anticipated delivery information for container. We will try our best possible effort to inspect and pack the goods so that your order will be delivered free of defects and shipping damage.

A.   because most of pricing are on the base of FOB terms and forwarder is assigned by customers.So in this case,products supplied by TNR are delivered at the risk of customers.Certainly,we will discuss any of packing details and mode of delivery with customers before delivery.Any delivery only will be arranged upon receiving customer’s confirmation.

B   If the forwarder is appointed by TNR,products supplied by TNR are delivered at the risk of TNR.but the limit time is before carrier of customer has receiving the goods from port.

C.   Any stated delivery date constitutes only a warranty by TNR to use reasonable endeavours to affect delivery by or about that date. No liability will be accepted by TNR for failure to meet delivery dates, however caused.