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Tel:+86 0536 8863831

Fax:+86 0536 8892563


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Why TNR?

Leading exporter and manufacturer in China

Original coating technology,formulas and fantastic equipments

Cutting edge products and expertise

Wide range of products line for one-stop source

Globally costs-effective solutions

Customer-oriented pre-sale,sale and after sale service


TNR - leader for digital print substrates in China. We produce an unparalleled range of canvases, papers, Banners and specialty materials for aqueous inkjet, solvent, UV curable, latex wide format plotters, printers, and presses. 


We are a group of companies with legacies that tie us to the start of nearly all of the important technologies of ink and inkjet media.  Our name, TNR means true,natural and real colour.  started as pioneers and became leader in their fields in China. 


At the start of digital printing in China, we were there … Aqueous inkjet,eco-solvent inkjet,then latex and UV curable.We always are the leading in Chinese market.  As the leaders in technology development for digital printing (HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox and a host of others) put more intelligence, higher resolution, and faster speed into their printer hardware, we maintained an unwavering commitment to develop print medias optimized for each technology advance


TNR provides business owners with the products they need to convert digital images into new forms of visual merchandising, out-of-home advertising, and custom décor.


TNR products are used to create dozens of products, including: trade-show graphics; point-of-purchase, retail, and event signage; museum exhibits; fine-art reproductions and photo prints on canvas; custom wallcovering; murals; and other products.


TNR have cooperated with some big famous OEMs globally. TNR also designs and develops its own brands of imaging materials to resolve some of the unique production challenges identified by our customers. TNR’s rapid growth over the past 13 years reflects how effective we have been in helping big and medium-sized distributors,retailers and small businesses successfully adopt new imaging technologies, create innovative products, and diversify into new markets.


Hope to distribute or use TNR’s products,please contact us by email